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Is your spa or pool barrier compliant?
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Did you know Victorian pool fence regulations require every backyard swimming pool and spa to be examined by an approved inspector every four years? Owners must register their pool or spa with their local council and submit a certificate to show their barrier is compliant.

Pool Inspect Victoria provides certified spa and pool fence inspections. We can help you navigate this new process as simply and efficiently as possible.

What you need to do:

  • Register your pool or spa with your local council by June 1, 2020

  • Book a safety barrier inspection with Pool Inspect Victoria

  • If your safety barrier does not comply, work must be completed to ensure compliance. A reinspection will also be required

  • If your safety barrier complies, lodge the compliance report with your local council

Pool fence Inspections

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Your family’s safety is our top priority

We think it’s a great idea to have pool and spa safety barriers checked by a registered inspector every four years to reduce the safety risk for young children.

According to Royal Life Saving, in 2018/19, 31 people drowned in swimming pools throughout Australia. 12 of those drownings were children aged 0-4 years. Alarmingly, during the same period, the total number of drowning deaths in Victoria increased by 40% from the previous year.

Safe pool and spa barriers are one simple way we can avoid the loss of precious lives.

Should you contact Pool Inspect Victoria first?

No. The first thing you need to do is contact your local council to register your pool or spa. You’ll receive a letter from them with information about when your inspection needs to be completed, based on the age of your pool.

Once you have that information, you can get in contact with us and we’ll arrange your inspection – usually within a couple of days. The inspection generally takes less than an hour.

If your pool is compliant, you’ll receive your certificate within a day or two.

If your pool doesn’t comply, we’ll provide you with a report letting you know exactly what needs to be done. You’ll then have 60 days to complete the work and have the pool re-inspected.

Book your pool safety inspection today … call 1300 031 129

Do you have any questions about the new pool fence regulations in Victoria? Get in touch with Pool Inspect Victoria today. We’re happy to answer your enquiries.